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The Way Out
DianeDiane R. Light, MA, CIT, has worked in the fields of education and mental health since the mid-seventies. She began her career as a junior high and high school English teacher and worked with the guidance department to provide communication, growth and development-oriented programs and services to the students, their parents, and the community in rural West Virginia. She quickly transitioned into the mental health field as a counselor and family therapist in an agency for troubled teens. There she developed an Independent Living Program for juvenile prostitutes aimed at helping them "get off the streets".

In 1987, she moved with her family to the Washington, DC area, where she went into private practice as a psychotherapist. In 1991, she founded the Light Center for Counseling and Self Development where she served as its director and newsletter editor until 1997. The Light Center offered classes, workshops, meditation groups, and yoga, as well as full counseling services to the community to promote individual self development and growth.

Her focus as a Licensed Social Worker, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and psychotherapist has always been on wellness with a keen awareness of the client's innate potential for growth and wholeness.

Today she maintains a private practice in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC as a Professional Life Coach and Certified Personality Integration Therapist (CIT). Her life coaching practice reflects her investment and belief in the maturation model of mastery rather than the illness model of psychotherapy.

She offers Personality Integration Therapy to individuals and couples, as well as intensive training and formal certification for Integration Coaches through the newly developing Institute for Personality Integration Therapy.

"I sought help from counselors, therapists, marital groups, and self-help books when I wanted to improve my marriage. We made so little progress, the money and time invested only added to my frustration. Fortunately, I was introduced to Diane, who supported me working alone for my marriage. Her work was the 'missing link' in all the previous work; she taught me how to use the power within. Knowing how to use my own power has been the key to building a healthier, happier relationship with my husband.

"An unexpected benefit of this work is the positive impact it has had on discovering my purpose and pursuing my dreams. I wish every parent, teacher, and coach would take the time to learn these skills. It's time to break the cycle. Our children deserve it."
— Sue, Iowa

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