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The School
The Institute for Personality Integration Studies (IS)

Mission Statement
To train and support the development of qualified professionals to promote, guide and assist clients in the personality integration process as identified in Personality Integration Theory through the application of Personality Integration Therapy methods.

Certification Program
IS is currently offering a program and process of study and training that can lead to certification as an Integration Therapist — CIT.

To begin the certification process, it is desirable to have a minimum of two years experience in the helping / teaching professions. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

Application Process
1. Consultation in person or by phone.
2. Written letter of interest and intent.
3. Current resume.

Certification Process / Curriculum
1. Engage and progress in the IT process in a timely fashion with a CIT. (Minimum, 1 year.)
2. Complete all academic course requirements.
3. Internship under mentorship of a CIT Trainer.

Areas identified for further research, study and development for future curriculum:
IT with children and adolescents (Theory and Methods).

"I came to Diane as a result of growing up in an abusive home. I was experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety and was in crisis when I met Diane. In her calm and patient voice, she listened and helped me to take care of me. She encouraged me and nurtured me and was gentle and compassionate. I needed her so badly in my life. I was also dealing with a very difficult husband at the time who was not only narcissistic, but also withholding.

"After being with Diane in therapy, I now see that all of these other people who I thought were standing in my way making me feel stuck wasn't real. Now I am waking up and seeing that it was me who was keeping me stuck. I am able to look inside after doing so much inner child work and 'be here now' for myself.

"Diane, without sounding sappy, you truly saved my life."
— Diana, Virginia

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